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What do you know about the history of the Sourland Mountain Region?  Most people are aware the Charles Lindbergh estate is located in the Sourlands and know about his son’s kidnapping.  

Were you aware that on June 23 – 24, 1778 there were 12,000 colonial troops encamped on the John Hart farmstead and the hills above Hopewell Borough – the same John Hart who signed the Declaration of Independence?    And that George Washington, along with Generals Lee, Lafayette and Steuben, held a council of war in the nearby Hunt house.   Four days later they would be involved in the Battle of Monmouth.

And then there is the role of the Sourlands as a refuge for those that were persecuted, such as fleeing slaves, and those wishing to avoid the law (and make moonshine).

There is a rich history in this “Wild West of New Jersey”.  This year we are introducing “History Lane”, an area that will be devoted to helping us better understand this heritage. There will be historians available with displays and ready to answer your questions.   When you come to the Music Festival, please join us and take a walk down “History Lane”.

2019 Line-up is coming soon.

Those who have participated in the past:


Outwater’s Militia

Outwater’s Milita will have a group of Colonial Reenactors to show and tell you what it was like to be living in our area during the Revolutionary War time period.  Join them for a look at life during a different time.


Van Harlingen Historical Society

Learn about our local area.  Materials will include oral histories from long time residents and other booklets of interest.  Activities will be included.



Stoutsburg Sourland African American Museum

           Find out more about an important part of the Sourland’s History



Sierra Club

Learn about the Environmental Issues Facing our Region


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Hopewell Valley Historical Society

Are you interested in the real history of Washington’s encampment in 1778?  Would you like to learn more about John Hart or the many early families from the area?  Be sure to stop at the Hopewell Valley Historical Society’s table.


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Find out more about the Sourland Region History



The Northeast Organic Farming Association will bring alive the history of farming in the Sourlands