Sensory Inclusion Area

The Sourland Mountain Festival is proud to announce our first annual Sensory Zone sponsored by the Inclusion Festival and Circles of Communication. This, “Sensory Zone will be managed by therapists and educators with expertise in autism and sensory-processing issues. This dedicated space provides services, tools, and amenities known to benefit individuals with sensory processing issues of all ages and abilities.

Inclusion Festival.png

Inclusion Festival is the nation's first and only sensory-friendly, music and wellness festival designed to include and accommodate individuals with and without special needs, returning to Mountain Sky in Jermyn, PA (10 minutes north of Scranton) August 9-11, 2019. Our goal is to provide unique, immersive experiences that are often inaccessible to individuals impacted by special needs while providing the general community with an all-encompassing educational and uplifting experience that demonstrates the potential contribution of all people.


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Circles of Communication is a private practice that combines developmental speech language therapy, experiential learning, play, yoga, and circus arts to promote confidence, self-expression and a love of life-long learning. We serve individuals with language-learning disabilities and neurodevelopmental differences using a creative, integrative, person-centered approach. Our unique, individualized treatment plans span cognitive, linguistic, sensory, motor, social, and emotional domains to help clients communicate effectively, achieve developmental milestones, increase functional capacities, and meaningfully engage in their environments.